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Xervmon announces general availability of Xervmon Cloud Management Suite

Xervmon announces general availability of Xervmon Management & Monitoring Suite as of today. The release supports management & monitoring of public cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud, Digital Ocean & HP Cloud System Matrix.

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Xervmon reinvents itself as a Cloud Management Suite , and partners with HP.

Xervmon is taking on some big players in the cloud market, both in terms of cost reporting and management. The company's recent award of HP Converged Infrastructure Ready partner status is a good sign that its billing engine is a well-integrated powerful service that enterprises and service providers should consider for monetizing their clouds, be it internally or externally.

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Xervmon keeps everyone in tune.


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Xervmon covers business and system stats .


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Xervmon gives them the eyes-up on estimates, .

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