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Simplified Cloud Management

A la carte of tools in your arsenal to manage.


Orchestration & Provisioning

Xervmon keeps everyone in tune.


Industry Standard Monitoring

Industry standard monitoring for Cloud Scale.


Collaboration & Visibility

Xervmon gives them the eyes-up on estimates.


Reports & Data Visualization

Xervmon covers business and system stats .


Automate your Hybrid with XOPS

Automate routine tasks, manage the configuration and sanity of your hybrid infra.

Management as a Service

Xervmon empowers you to plan, budget, design, deploy, manage and monitor your cloud infrastructure through a suite of tools using a single pane of dashboard - truly an end to end "IT Management as a Service".

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All major flavors of cloud systems are integrated and tested with.

What Others are Saying

Our customers are delighted using the product and value it delivers to them

  • 25ad352 (1)

    Matt Tew

    IT Director from FLW LLC.
    Matt Tew, IT Director from FLW LLC., says, Xervmon delivers productivity, there by allowing our dev team to focus on building machine critical applications. Be it complex VPC configuration (private/public subnet) with shared Mongodb Replicasets, or making the web application highly available and scalable, Xervmon helps us to orchestrate envisioned complex deployments via Cloud formation templates, helps us to save costs and keep our IT spend under budget. Xervmon even manages and monitors the configurations maintaining the sanity of the assets at all times.
  • CT BIO

    Chris Thomas

    IT Director from American Midstream
    Chris Thomas, IT Director from American Midstream, says, Xervmon has simplified the way IT assets on Softlayer DC and resources AWS are managed and monitored. Xervmon makes sure of 99.999% availability and immediately triggers alerts if there are down time anticipated, there by helping the company to serve our field staff without a down time, improving productivity and reducing the costs of downtime by around 30%. The best part of Xervmon is their ability to manage both our Cloud and non-cloud assets via Unified system.

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